[4 Most] Unique Spa Treatments in the U.S.

spa treatment

These 10 spa treatments combine creativity and ancient healing traditions to create relaxing and truly unique experiences.

Whipped Cocoa Bath

The Hershey Hotel Spa, the sweetest relaxing destination in America, finds surprising and delicious ways to incorporate cocoa beans from the world-renowned chocolate empire into its treatments. To discover more than just the flavor of chocolate, the Hershey Spa offers a bath you’ll never forget. Hershey’s patented whipped cocoa bath ($45 Monday through Thursday; $50 Friday to Sunday, 15 minutes) has moisturizing properties that leave skin soft and smooth for days. Dessert has never been more rewarding!


Watsu Massage

The Bellagio Las Vegas Spa, which spans an impressive 65,000 feet, is one of the benchmarks for luxury relaxation in the Las Vegas neighborhood. As soon as you walk through the door, the upscale spa sets the tone with its Zen-influenced granite, water walls, and numerous candles. The spa offers a non-traditional aquatic massage in a 94-degree private pool. Watsu massageĀ® unique 70-minute ($285 Sunday to Thursday; $295 on Friday and Saturday) combines Zen Shiatsu (the popular Japanese technique of applying pressure to body energy points) with assisted stretching while floating. Expect to float up to a state of nirvana while the water calms and soothes.

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