olay eyes pro retinol eye treatment reviews

olay eyes pro retinol eye procedure reviews

olay pro retinol eye treatment reviews

-B H.

I suffer from dark circles, puffiness and crows feet around my eyes and I had received the Olay Eyes Pro-Retinol Eye Treatment as a trial sample for giving my review and rating. I have tried the samples sent to me and found them to be very beneficial.   After one week of use, I could notice a change around the eye area and that improvement made me very satisfied. Although I was not expecting any magic to happen and thought that can only happen with actual surgery, you won’t need to see a skin specialist or surgeon using this eye treatment in your beauty routine.   A great conversation starter to have with friends and family. I had received a generous amount of samples and was able to distribute some to them. Everybody had something extremely positive to say about the Olay eyes pro retinol eye treatment.  I highly suggest you try this remarkable product from Olay and see the changes happen swiftly



When I started seriously using anti-aging eye creams some time ago, I thought I could either test several different creams or save time and stick to the proven results. As a very active mother, I of course chose option 2! Retinyl is a well-established ingredient in anti-aging care, which improves cell growth and skin texture, which is why I was happy to use Olay’s retinol pro to treat my most delicate area. So I was happy to use Olay’s retinol to treat my most delicate area. It made a pretty noticeable difference on the skin around my eyes – the claims that retinol is “a miracle product” therefore don’t seem at all unusual. I had never had a pronounced crow’s feet, but they were there. Today, after a few months, they are barely noticeable. The fine lines under my eyes are still there, but they are weaker and this area is much firmer and has lost any dry “crepitude”.
Retinyl is a fairly powerful ingredient, so I try not to abuse it – once at night, applied sparingly and patted with the ring finger enough. In the morning, my usual moisturizer and SPF primer are there to protect against any sensitivity to the sun caused by the retinal – another good reason to use it in the evening.
I now use pro-Retinol eye cream every night for the past few months. I am happy to say that there are no side effects, no dryness, only younger and firmer skin. But I have to give my husband the last word: “I think all these creams do you good,” he said. This must be the best testimony of all!