Esthetician Shares 30 Odd But Effective DIY Beauty Treatment Hacks That Actually Work Wonders

  • 1# Coconut Can Be Used As A Substitute For Shaving Cream

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after shaving your skin you really need to hydrate it, sometimes you just need to put something on your dry leg skin daily. And there is no better way to hydrate you skin than using coconut oil because it softens your legs. So from now on say goodbye to razor burn, and welcome to smooth legs

  • 2# Use Baby Wipes To Remove Makeup

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we all use make up , if it wasn’t daily then weekly or monthly. So please stop spending you money on makeup remover because we have something better for you ” BABY WIPES ” YEESS you heard me right. Baby wipes are very similar to makeup remover and even affordable, one thing to remember don’t flush them.












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