The List of Mandatory Documents for All Applicants



The copy of the birth certificate

The study test
The Provincial or Territorial Certificate of Qualification
The employer’s offer letter
Using a representation form [IMM 5476]
Evidence of a common law union and cohabitation
The marriage certificate
The divorce certificate and the legal separation agreement
The death certificate
The adoption certificate
Other required documents:

Applicants must submit the following documents as part of their electronic permanent residence (e-APR) applications in their MyCIC accounts. The submission of these documents will normally depend on the situation applicable to them. It should be noted that the system does not allow applicants to submit their electronic applications for permanent residence (e-APR) until applicants have uploaded the documents in the corresponding fields provided.

In the event that applicants do not provide such documents with their applications (where applicable), the authorities will reject applications as incomplete. This is especially the case if applicants do not provide the documents according to the appropriate specifications.

In addition, the authorities could also consider rejecting applications if the processing office does not have sufficient information on the record to ensure that applicants meet the requirements of the programme to which they are presented.

Proof of the relationship with a relative in Canada, the relative’s situation in Canada and the relative’s residency situation in Canada
Digital photographs
The other name Documents
The Authority to Deliver Personal Information to a Designated Person Form (IMM 5475)
Documents related to electronic permanent residence applications (e-APR) that have not been captured in other fields

Source: Citizenship and Immigration